Study Abroad – Fall 2019

These are my chronicles of my fall 2019 semester in Europe It was the best of times and the worst of times, full of self-discovery and amazing knowledge

Travel Update – Closing Thoughts

Oxford- A Tale of Two Libraries

The Crucible of Chaos

Poppies and Prayers

Home is What We Make It

Divine Healing Then and Now

Downward Slope

Florence- A Week of Nourishment

The Panorama of Time

Belfast-Recovering on Eggshells

Rome- Touring, Training, Tasting!

Albert-Scars of War

Paris- Aesthetic Paradise, Overwhelming Knowledge

The Soundtrack of Nostalgia

Slowing Down in Sligo and an Overview

All the World’s a Stage

Windsor into London

The Scenic Route

Wordsworth and Frankenstein-A Charming Cottage and a Sacred Story

Overview- Observations of Reality

Spoken and Written Words-Abbotsford and Lindisfarne

Mountain and Cathedral-Edinburgh Days 3-4

Edinburgh Day 2

The Sun From a Plane

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