Hi, welcome to the blog. I’m Elena. Let me show you around. My goal is to share stories and spark conversations.

Fine Arts is the largest section here. I like to talk about movies (a loooot of movies), music, and books from the perspective of an English major. I like analyzing characters, aesthetic, pacing, and other story elements. I also like to write poetry on occasion, so I’ll share some of that sometimes.

My Lifestyle posts are little snapshots of the practicalities of post-grad life in 2022. From finding jobs to quitting jobs to starting grad school, I’m making my way in the world.

Reflections are for my more complicated musings on society or emotions. I write essays about my family, my values, and my views on labels like “disabled” or “misinformation”. The world is messy, but I’m trying to make sense of it.

As i navigate adulthood, I love discovering new recipes and restaurants. My Food page has cool ideas to try and underrated restaurants in the Twin Cities area.

You can reach me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with questions or concerns or use the site’s contact form.