I canceled an 8-hour retail shift to stay home and catch up on writing. As I settle into a new chapter and begin building my adult life, this has become a season of discerning and prioritizing my values. While I could write an infinite list, I can summarize them by creativity, connection, and conscious choice. If I sound like Shauna Niequist here, I will take that as the highest compliment. 🙂


I got out of bed at 11 pm to start writing this post. I am consistently enchanted and overjoyed with creativity. Whether it’s writing my own words, reading the eloquent and wise words of others, watching an artfully crafted film, or even just watching comedy videos on YouTube, I respect those who bring forth the spark within. One of my favorite books on this subject is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She views creativity as an external force yearning to dance with us and describes the wonders of a creative life. I try to explore the range of my creativity through different kinds of writing and even some visual designs (I’ve designed some new blog images on Canva). I will always answer when creativity knocks on my door, and I will keep dancing with her forever.


I introduced my boyfriend to my mother on our third date. If the two of them didn’t get along, it wasn’t going to work. I will always embrace an opportunity to meet a friend or cousin for dinner, no matter how much time has passed since we last met up. I recently met a college friend for coffee after not seeing her all last year, and our frank conversations about love and politics and travel were so nourishing to my soul. I love the people around me who inspire and challenge me, who lift me up and laugh with me. I am grateful to have friends from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, and my circle of friends and family is worth more than gold.

Conscious Choice

I’ve quit three jobs in the past six months because they simply don’t align with my values. i am definitely in a privileged position that I do not have to support myself, and I recognize many people don’t have this luxury. But I cannot work in an environment that tries to suffocate employees with mandates. I’ve mentioned my issues with corporate retail before, and I knew they would apply at this second retail job. I’m glad I took the job over the holidays; I made some solid money, learned some new skills, and met a variety of interesting people. But those benefits aren’t worth my free will and dignity.

Conscious choice also intertwines with connection. I’m enjoying this new romance very much, but I’m mindful of my boundaries, and he is deeply respectful and patient as well. ❤️ You could call me a late bloomer in this area, and my inexperience keeps me cautious rather than impulsive. All the steps of a first relationship are meaningful and I am consciously savoring each moment. ❤️

These are just some of my many core values. I learned all this and more from my amazing mama, and I am grateful to be a values-driven person. My priorities will undoubtedly change with my seasons of life, but my values will forever be my north star, guiding me onward.


3 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. It’s so cool that you know what your priorities are and are working to achieve them. Many people don’t even get to this point. Creativity is a huge priority for me too, and I don’t see myself doing much apart from creative work. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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