Life’s a Beach

Hi! I spent the past few days in Clearwater Beach, FL, for a quick getaway, and I wanted to share some of the best photos I took on the trip. I’ve been coming to Clearwater Beach at least once a year since I was five, so I thought I knew this small town pretty well. But it’s been nice to see a familiar place through a new camera lens and play with art and technique again.

I’ve had an intermittent love of photography since I was a young child. Pictures and words can tell the same story in different ways, and I like being multitalented. I’ve had a steeper learning curve with photography, and I’ve let critiques of classroom teachers get to me. But I am embracing having a simple hobby, a fun creative outlet without the pressure of professional skill.

Turquoise blue and lilac purple are my two favorite colors. Lilacs are the unofficial flower of my family, so that makes sense. And I’ve always been drawn to the light blue of the water. I think it has to do with balancing the fire signs in my astrology. This set of photos was rather spontaneous, and I would love to do more color-blocking series going forward.

This town is an exciting blend of “tourist town” and “small-town.” There are the kitschy shops, but the real gems are the long-standing diner institutions. The Coke bottle clock is a fun feature of the Beach Shanty Café, a beloved local breakfast spot. Our other favorites are the Surfside Tavern for lunch burgers and dinner at Beachcomber Bob’s, an upscale steakhouse.

These photos were all shot on my iPhone 11. The two modes I used most were Portrait Mode’s natural light and stage light. I’ve had this phone for at least a full year, but I’m just now discovering the impressive camera capabilities. I’m excited to play with these features more and share some highlights!


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