Restaurant Review – Porterhouse

Hey everyone! I wanted to branch out a little bit and share some of my favorite restaurants around the Twin Cities. As the daughter of a foodie mother, I have sophisticated taste in restaurants. Porterhouse offers elegant steakhouse fare, friendly and professional waitstaff, and a fun community of regular patrons.

Since January 28th, 2000 (eight months after I was born), Porterhouse Steak and Seafood has been serving the Little Canada area as “a classic supper club [with] a great piece of meat, big portions, and strong drinks,” according to general manager Jason Hilderman. The restaurant features an elegant dining room on the left side of the entrance and a well-stocked bar with booths on the right. I prefer to sit in the bar area, as I am friendly with many bartenders, and the atmosphere is less formal than the dining room.

One of the best parts of this classic supper club is the sense of community. We say hello to patrons, servers, and bartenders that we recognize, and we always feel welcome! The warm and inviting atmosphere of the bar counter makes everyone feel at home.

There are plenty of amazing dishes to choose from, but Jason has three specific recommendations, including the Oven Broiled Halibut w/ lobster sherry cream sauce. This isn’t on the regular menu, but it’s often a featured weekend special. It’s a classic choice for many Porterhouse patrons, including my mother and I. We definitely count it as a favorite! Jason also recommends the New York Strip (cooked medium) w/ prawns and a side of caramelized onions w/ spinach salad. Jason likes the Strip as “a great combination of marbling and leanness.” My mother prefers ribeye because the marbling and fat give it more flavor. I personally don’t eat steak, but Porterhouse has plenty of options for people who love it. Finally, the Spinach and Artichoke Dip is a nice creamy appetizer that pairs wonderfully with some crispy garlic toast. Jason would wash it down with a nice bourbon.

My personal favorites include the walleye strips and crab cakes, which are both featured appetizers, With a side of spinach and half of a potato, these filling protein appetizers make a healthy meal on a reasonable budget. My favorite cocktail is the espresso martini because starting a meal with dessert is always the way to go! I prefer “the old recipe” that included Bailey’s Irish Cream but you really can’t go wrong with a chocolate cocktail! (I am of legal US drinking age).

We love to sit at the Porterhouse bar and chat with the bartender and fellow patrons
The formal dining room is great for special occasions such as birthdays and company parties.

Porterhouse offers excellent steak and seafood with a warm atmosphere and creative drinks to complement the rich food. The formal dining room is a great option for group celebrations, and the bar and booths are excellent for more intimate gatherings. Come check it out, and tell them I sent you!

Thank you to Katie Hagen for the photos of the restaurant interior, and thank you to Jason Hilderman for the interview and the cover shot of the logo.


3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Porterhouse

  1. PorterHouse is an excellent place to dine in for sustainable steak or seafood. I love the combination of fruit salsa with sea bass in the Chilean Sea Bass plate. PorterHouse also provides a three course meal starting with a soup or salad (I get the Clam Chowder), an entree, and a dessert (yum cheesecake!). I also get the baked potato before my entree and I HIGHLY recommend getting every topping available. It’s a very large course meal, however, the leftovers are sustainable and can supply another meal or two afterwards.

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