A Valentine to the Earth

Earth, heart, tear, art, breath, bear

“The aching joys, the dizzying raptures

The still, sad music of humanity”

I steal words from Wordsworth because I see the worth of the words

But he had it wrong

The music of humanity isn’t still or sad

It’s a chant calling forth wisdom

From the earth and all the art within her

The hearts of warriors and poets past

Bear witness to flames fueled by tears

Of the fabric of us

Shreds of our dignity and power eroded


Art is the heartbeat of the earth

The breath that makes life worth living

People worth loving

Days worth celebrating, even the bad ones

Because they too show us we can feel

A Toast to A Poet

I am a poet 

I scrape the insides of my mind

Excavate old wounds, old scars

For the pleasure of others

Write so furiously

A thunderstorm struggles to keep up

I writeandwriteandwriteandwriteandwrite

Until I 


Dead in my tracks

Out of words

Out of food for the soul

And then I start again

When words come to me

I don’t write poems

Poems write them


I am merely a vessel 

Through which the indescribable wonder of the universe

Is condensed into a mere few lines

Finding the EXACT word

Or the specific simile 

Or the arranged alliteration

To create emotion

Tears, laughter, anger, sorrow, joy 

All these I can create


I hold the key to the soul of the world


Is the mind of a poet.