CrossFit Projects

Hello! In keeping with the theme of comparing college and graduate school projects, I want to highlight two projects I’ve done that center around CrossFit.

I’ve been a CrossFit fan for over a decade. I love the emphasis on community and the commitment to a holistic healthy lifestyle. I’m also fascinated by the diversity of CrossFit athletes. 20 year old muscle-heads and 50-year old stay-at-home-moms can both find something to love in this unique sport.

I wrote this post in 2018, highlighting one specific gym. I also wrote a brief article for my reporting class on the connection between The Athlete Lab and Bethel University. It was fun to talk to my friends and discuss the value similarities between two of my favorite places.

This was a fun journalism project focusing mostly on CrossFit athletes in their mid-20s who had also gone to Bethel University. When my graduate social research class required a project, I turned to CrossFit again. This time, I focused on female CrossFit athletes over 30 and took a more academic approach. This was an interesting project, and again it was fun to chat with some friends about shared values and benefits.