Sorting My Life Out – Easy Reorganization Tips

Hey friends! I’ve found myself with the urge to organize lately, and I’m not going to say no to that! Here’s a life update and some of the newly applied tips. I’ve linked the organizational products below, and they’re all from Target.

I tend to get this urge whenever I’m about to make a life transition, like into a new year of school… which is exactly where I’m at right now. Drum roll please… I begin my master’s degree in communication at St. Cloud State on January 11!! It feels so weird to write that, to announce that. I had one round of grad school excitement last year before realizing the program wasn’t for me. This time, I’ve done more research on the courses, and I’m already registered. I’ve been officially unemployed for all of 20 days, and I’m already grateful to my former boss for letting me go. I’ve chosen this program at St. Cloud State because my English degree has given me writing skills, but I want more business and marketing knowledge.

As I prepare for a commuter lifestyle again, I wanted to organize my things in a more portable fashion, making it easier to move my essentials between school and home.

This hanging bathroom organizer folds up to fit in a suitcase and keeps my items visible but compartmentalized, which is the best method for me.

Sonia Kashuk Hanging Travel Makeup Organizer, $19.99

This bookshelf has been “almost organized” for months, with the journals scattered across shelves and the artwork in storage. I finally grouped all the journals together (complete and incomplete separated by scrapbooks(, and arranged my artwork on the top. It was a lovely feeling to bring some cherished picture frames down from the storage closet.
This shoe organizer is perfect for me, because I can see all of my shoes and they all have a designated container.

Over the Door Mesh Shoe Organizer, $22.00

In addition to organizing my physical possessions, I’ve been decluttering my digital photos too. I started about two weeks ago, with pictures from 2014. I’m only up to April 2020 now, taking it in chunks about a month at a time. I apparently had a compulsion to screenshot EVERYTHING in my teenage years, and a lot of it just doesn’t resonate with me anymore. It’s almost therapeutic to see how my priorities have changed in the last six years and what now qualifies as a memory worth keeping.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to clear unnecessary clutter from my history (both physically and digitally) and make space for a new chapter of my life. Onward!


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