A Fresh Perspective

Hey everyone. I wanted to give a quick update on my plans to revamp EGC. I’ve updated my logo to reflect a more professional and relatable perspective, and I’ll be publishing more lifestyle content going forward.

First, the logo. I will always love this flower for the sentimental value of a first logo, but it is not a mature font or color for someone who is nearly 22 years old. I made the original logo on a cheap art site and typed the title in Microsoft Word. It worked for a while and it was what I knew, but the hot pink just doesn’t suit me in this phase of life. So we bid adieu to this logo…

And welcome a new one!

I’ve spent the past few weeks collaborating with designers and my awesome editor/mom to create a logo that retains the colorful essence of my first one while conveying a mature elegance and dignity. I would say the task was achieved. I’m very proud of this new look and I am so happy to finally unveil it!

With the new look comes a desire for new content. You may have noticed I’ve stopped doing as many reviews, and my last two posts were about working in a supermarket and looking for a grownup job. I still love movies and stories, but I want to live in the real world and share my real experiences. I’ll still probably post one review a month, but I’ll also be discussing the trials and tribulations of job hunting, tales from the supermarket, easy and nutritious recipes, and other observations that come with being a post-grad in 2021.

Going forward, my audience won’t primarily be my family and friends or people who happen to read my screams into the void, although I appreciate when they drop by. My audience is people like me who are looking for their next step and following the breadcrumbs of opportunity. I want to share my opinions and tips to help 20-somethings navigate this life in progress.

Thanks for reading this far! You can reach me on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr with questions. Until next time, keep charting your own course.


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