The Question Mark

Hey y’all. Again, a lapse in posting has occurred; so I owe you an update: I’m a college graduate!! I graduated from Bethel University in December of 2020 with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Writing.

I have typed that last sentence countless times on cover letters. It’s an interesting space, concluding a chapter of my life with a tumultuous year. I’ve sent out roughly thirty job applications in the last three months. I know that isn’t a ton, but I’m trying to focus on where I would fit best. The problem is, I don’t yet know my professional strengths, apart from blogging. I recently took some personality assessments and they’ve been very helpful in this journey, but the best teacher is experience.

My focus lately has shifted to learning about marketing and making professional connections, which is very exciting. I just… don’t quite know where I’m going. I want to pursue marketing and communications, but in an authentic and value- oriented way. I look forward to exploring how my creative talents can best serve a brand that aligns with my personal mission,

In all honesty, I’m a little scared. I’m scared that nothing will change and I’m scared that everything will change. I would prefer massive change over no change, I just dislike waiting. Apparently some people spend months looking for a job, which is a terrifying thought. But this is a good chance to focus on discipline and self-motivation. I’ll just be sharing my life journey from here on, with the occasional review of current media. Welcome to the next chapter. Let’s see what’s next.

Onward, Elena


5 thoughts on “The Question Mark

  1. Elena I have missed your updates on Facebook. Glad things are moving ahead. I was in Sales for years and I once read a motivational book with this in it.l go into the customer and make your presentation the worst thing that could happen would be walked out to the outside wher you were before making the call.


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