Scheduling Brewing

The client wanted a simple procedure for a home appliance, including layered information, hazard warnings, and annotated graphics. I chose to document the process of setting a delayed brew time on a kitchen coffeemaker.


Scheduling Brewing

One thought on “Scheduling Brewing

  1. Elena
    You might think Im a weirdo here, but I love technical communication. In my former life, we used infomapping to communicate with the FDA (food and drug administration). I’m not sure if it is something that is taught in school, but it was something that clarified processes or designs and actually made our product submissions so much better. It is also a method that our company used in the manufacturing processes. check it out.

    Directions are always so hard to understand especially if the product is manufactured where english is not the native language, your directions for scheduled brewing was spot on.

    Hope all is well.

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