Hozier-A Tale of Two Concerts

Hi hi! I had a whole different plan for this post, doing a song list and a brief concert description of Hozier’s June 2nd State Theater show. But then I won passes to see Hozier in Studio C on June 3 so I’m going to compare and contrast the two. Yes I went to two concerts in two days, it’s a lot. I promised I would go see him again as soon as possible and it only took ten months.

Sunday June 2-State Theater

It was an amazing show! I did my research beforehand about the opening band BAILEN, so I was able to more fully enjoy them. They’re a family trio who write honestly about life in a folk-blues style. They seemed better suited to Hozier than his previous act Hudson Taylor. HT seemed too upbeat and country, where BAILEN are more bluesy, both sonically and emotionally.

As always, my sweet indie fae husband stole the show. He opened with “Would That I”, a good choice for crowd engagement. Many of the songs were similar to the record but one stood out to me. “From Eden” was done in a very different key and gave the song an entirely different emotional flavor. See the video and the YouTube link for comparison if you desire. All live video taken by my wonderful mother.

From Eden-music video

Oh Andrew, when will you learn the words to your own most popular song? 😊 He sang every note fully instead of clipping them short as in the last live video.

Monday June 3-Studio C, Wayzata

Ok this one is officially my favorite of the two for the following reason.

Do you notice the distance between his hand and my shoulder? Nonexistent!! I was all squeaky and he said “Hi, how’s things?”, and I hugged him and couldn’t really talk. I think he asked me if I was alright, but at that point I was just holding a death grip on his back.

That wrapped up the Studio C. The set only lasted half an hour. He played “Almost”, “Movement” and “Take Me to Church”. You know, I’ve never really gotten into “Church’s” sultry vibe but this one I was definitely into. In between songs, the male radio host would ask some questions and my dear fae would answer so elegantly. It was short and sweet and engaging and the winner of the two

Hozier lets out one F-bomb in an anecdote and profusely apologizes because he is a ray of sunshine.

Overall I prefer studio C because it is smaller and a new experience and it is where I hugged Hozier (for the first time). The last 24 hours have been amazing, now I am going to nap. See you Friday!


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