Maren Morris-GIRL

Hey! I had fun doing the Ben Platt album review, so I wanted to cover more current music. Maren Morris is usually classified as country, but she’s got elements of pop and R&B as well. This is her second album, after her first album gave her hits like “80s Mercedes”, “Rich” and “My Church”. This second album is loaded with love songs, likely celebrating her husband of just over a year, but there are also a few odes to the country lifestyle and female empowerment. With all that said, here’s my take on GIRL.

  1. GIRL-The album opens with a tender upbeat ballad to any girl who is lost or confused or feels she isn’t good enough. Much like Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up”, this song could come from a mentor or family or even from God.
  2. The Feels-This is the song for when eyes lock across the room and there’s that “instant chemistry” people wax on about. It’s upbeat and cute, but not very deep or inspiring.
  3. All My Favorite People (ft. Brothers Osborne)-This is a great dance track celebrating the blue collar life. The low smoky vocals of Brothers Osborne contrast nicely with both Morris’ high and low range. I would put this on any dance party playlist
  4. A Song for Everything-This is a sweet song about the power of music and how we tie it to eras and emotions of our lives. She gives shoutouts to everyone from James Taylor to Katy Perry and seems to reference pivotal moments in her own life.
  5. Common (ft. Brandi Carlile)-BRANDI CARLILE IS BACK AFTER 15 YEARS! I’ll review her full (Grammy winning) album later, but for now, she drops into Morris’ album on a soulful ballad about the state of the world. I would guess this song was written about a tragedy, but I couldn’t say which specific one.
  6. Flavor-Ok this one took me by surprise and I love it. It’s a dope ode to originality, being authentic, and not caring who thinks what. The underlying guitar is amazing and I love the key this is in .
  7. Make Out With Me-This is a classic “country song about a drunk hookup”, except it adds a layer of tenderness, with Morris missing her lover who’s away on a trip. The melody is sweet and it’s a nice simple song.
  8. Gold Love-I’ve listened to this song a few times now and I still cannot connect to it. It appears to be about catching a drink with an old flame and realizing the spark is brighter than ever. It’s very sweet but lacks emotion behind it from my perspective.
  9. Great Ones-This one didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s her gushing about how great her relationship is, but i don’t sense a ton of artistry behind it.
  10. RSVP-Ok one thing no one can call Ms. Morris is shy. This is the song one would play to set a mood of….intimacy. The song is in Morris’ higher range and her voice sounds quite nice, particularly where she quotes the full French phrase on the bridge.
  11. To Hell and Back-“Your kind of heaven’s been to hell and back” is the final line of the chorus. It’s a sweet ballad with lots of powerful imagery. Much
  12. The Bones-This is such a sweet song! It celebrates security in a relationship when the foundation is strong and analogizes it to a house.
  13. Good Woman-This is a very sweet, soft song about her standing by her man and supporting him however she can. It’s tender and slow and comforting.
  14. Shade-I thought this might be a fiery song about throwing shade at someone, but it is not. It is yet another love song, this time with imagery of colors and shades and rainbows. It’s a pretty song and the imagery is nice, but at this point all of the love songs combined can be a bit much.

Overall, the album is an upbeat, romantic artwork from a fresh female country vocalist and I recommend this to any county fan, hopeless romantic, or lover of dance music. See you on the flip side!

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