Playlist Update

Hey! I realize I just did my “all time top 20”, but my music taste changes by the minute (and I realized I left an important song off that list). So here’s what I’m listening to this week!

    You Are The Best Thing-Ray LaMontagne: This is the song I left off of the Top 20 list. I distinctly remember dancing to this song at a wedding when I was 14 and having the absolute best time of my life, and now this is one of my favorite songs. Ray also has the most beautiful gravel-and-butter voice.
    The History of Wrong Guys-Annaleigh Ashford: I heard this song first through Rachel Ziegler covers. She’s a great singer on YouTube and is playing Maria in a West Side Story remake. I know nothing about the Kinky Boots musical except that Brendon Urie was in it at one point, but this song definitely feels relatable. Also the chorus of “Chaaaaarlieee, honestlyyyyy…..” just sounds so satisfying to me in a way I can’t explain.
    Miss Me More-Kelsea Ballerini: Amazing badass female empowerment song about reclaiming identity after a rough relationship ends. The drum beat throughout adds some to the spitfire sass of the lyrics.
    Made You Miss-Maddie Poppe: The debut single from the latest American Idol winner is an up-tempo ode to curving loser exes who randomly show up. Poppe’s voice has a similar gravelly tone to Sara Bareilles.
    Monopoly-Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét: Much like the last two, this is an up-tempo ode to self care and female empowerment (yes I’m on a trend), but this one is a rap. The lyrics are pretty repetitive but it’s also uplifting and motivates a listener to hustle for what she wants and ignore those who don’t care.
    In the Woods Somewhere-Hozier: This song is sort of confusing to me. It tells the story of a person’s escapades in the woods, but this being Hozier, I cannot find the allegory or metaphor that must be there. However, it is an eerie, interesting “story song”.
    Run-Hozier: This is also an eerie song, as one cannot tell if the described relationship is true love or manipulation. There are metaphors and allegories galore-it’s Hozier, one would expect nothing else. It’s a haunting, high-pitched desperate song.
    Old Town Road-Lil Nas X (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus): I cannot even explain what this song is. It’s country-rap fusión, but a more pronounced distinction than other “country songs with a rap verse or attempt”. I know nothing about this Nas X person, but I’ve got a soft spot for Billy Ray Cyrus. Overall I’m incredibly confused but also amused.

And that’s a wrap on this week’s music! I could do biweekly music updates on a different day and then reviews every Friday perhaps? I’ll let y’all know! See you next week.

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