Top 20 Songs According to Me

Hi! Today is my 20th birthday, and I’m always discussing music on this platform so I figured I would put down my semi-definitive list of the top 20 songs of my life. All of these songs have been in my life for multiple years

  1. Work Song-Hozier: Obviously this one comes first, now, always, and forever. “A sad little love song” is how the legend himself puts it, and it’s an apt description. The one caveat I would give is that this song cannot be fully appreciated without a surround sound speaker, or headphones.
  2. I’ll Be-Edwin McCain: This one is pure nostalgia, a relic from my childhood. I am torn between this and “Work Song” for the first dance at my wedding-I used to think that was an original idea. 😊
  3. Almost Lover-A Fine Frenzy: Oh man, this song is just heartbreak encapsulated in three minutes. Adele does alright, but the soft vocals of Alison Sudol and the gentle piano background make the lyrical all the more tender in their cruelty.
  4. I Won’t Give Up-Jason Mraz: This is my ultimate comfort song. Whenever I feel down or scared or something, this song feels like God or my soul or even my mom just comes and lets me know it’s all gonna be just fine. ❤️❤️
  5. Love Story-Taylor Swift: Rounding out the all time top 5, this one is a classic that introduced me to the Swiftie
  6. My House-Flo Rida: This is a party song, plain and simple. There are lots of party songs, but the combination of the cool bass and Flo’s deep voice makes this song a staple on any of my “party” or “dance” playlists.
  7. Most Girls-Hailee Steinfeld: While this is a “dance jam” it also carries a beautiful message of the common badassery of the female gender, and how being a girl with varying interests is something to be proud of
  8. Come and Get Your Love-Redbone: I didn’t hear this song until Guardians of the Galaxy revived it, but it has been a staple of my “Dance Jams” playlists for three years.
  9. Breathless-William Prince: This one is more recent, but its an ode both to classic music and to love. And William Prince’s voice is one in a generation, almost reminiscent of Elvis himself
  10. Kiss-Prince: I originally had Purple Rain in this slot, but I realized that song sort of depresses me. This song is so much more upbeat and “danceable”. One cannot live in Minnesota and not appreciate the genius that is The Purple One. (Yes I only joined the bandwagon after he died, but better late than never)
  11. You’re Beautiful-James Blunt: This is another old song that I didn’t understand until super recently. Again, it´s a song about a super common situation explained in a unique and poetic way and I love it.
    No Longer Slaves-Bethel Music: This is a newer Christian song that gripped me the first time I heard it, particularly the bridge. It’s very comforting to anyone who’s scared or lost, and it’s just a sweet hymn.
    How Great Thou Art-everyone, but esp. Carrie Underwood: This is a classic Christian hymn, but this one holds extra significance for me because 1. It was the song sung at my grandmother’s funeral and 2. Carrie Underwood released her version at the same time.
    Runnin’-Adam Lambert: It took me a while to find the right Lambert song for this post. His style is melodramatic pop-rock and a lot of his songs are great, but this one sticks out as the one I listen to most often. I’m particularly fond of the booming drum through the entire track.
    Why Don’t You & I-Santana ft. Chad Kroger-This is an older song, the album was released in 2002. I’ve got a soft spot for Chad Kroger/Nickelback, and I was blown away by Santana’s guitar skills .
    Burnin’ Up-Jonas Brothers: I added this one because leaving out the JoBros would be a crime against my younger self. 😊 All of the Jonas Brothers songs are varying degrees of cliche nostalgic greatness, but this is the one I listen to most often and
    God of Wonders-Third Day: I thought this was an old hymn that Third Day just covered, but they actually wrote it-proof of the beauty of the lyrics. It’s a classic Christian song delivered by one of the best voices in contemporary Christian music. Seriously, Mac Powell´s voice is leagues above and beyond any other Ch
    Hand in my Pocket-Alanís Morrisette: I could’ve picked any Alanís song for this list, everything she writes is a gem. It was a toss up between this one and “Thank U” But this is the song that applies most to my life as a college student and also gives me some encouragement on stressful days.
    Collide-Howie Day (acoustic): The radio version of this song is nice, but I found an acoustic version and I tend to like those more. It´s a sweet love song that also encourages us to trust that everything will work out
    You and Me-Lifehouse: Rounding out my list is one final 2000s love song. I distinctly remember being 5 years old and thinking this song was incredibly deep and beautiful and poetic. 15 years later it’s still weirdly captivating in its simplicity. I can´t fully explain my connection to this song, but it´s a strong connection and it´s just a simple lovely song.

That concludes my list of the ¨top 20 songs of my life¨! Hope you enjoyed this hodgepodge of music. I clearly have a proclivity to early 2000s pop-rock-alt. ☺️ Up next is a Romeo and Juliet analysis, so stay tuned!

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