Ant Man and the Wasp-So Many Moving Parts

Ant Man and the Wasp follows the adventures of Scott Lang as he bails early on his house arrest to accomplish three different missions, or so it seems. All the lovable supporting characters from the first movie return, along with some intriguing additions, but overall the plot is too packed to enjoy more than once. The main mission of the movie is to save Hope’s mom Janet from “the subatomic realm”. The mission is a bit abstract and heady and one should not watch this movie without seeing its prequel.

There are two different villains of the movie. Ava, also known as Ghost, attempts to steal Hank Pym’s tech to cure her quantum illness and prevent imminent death. As a medically complex person who constantly searches for new therapies, I can understand her pain and drive, but I don’t support her violent method of acquiring healing.

In addition to Ava’s magical backstory, we get a good old-fashioned arms dealer named Sonny Burch who’s also trying to steal the tech. This movie can’t seem to pick a direction, and two villains seem unnecessary and compete with each other. (Also, Sonny Burch is played by Walton Goggins who I find attractive in the strangest way.)

One of the most beautiful scenes in the movie is when Janet Pym holds Ava and willingly gives her the quantum healing energy she has acquired. The dichotomy between opposite means to the same end is beautifully explored in only 1 minute of screen time . The other moment of emotion in the movie is when Hank saves Janet and they get the “grand kiss” that older couples so rarely get on screen.

Scott’s cute kid Cassie is still around, but she takes a backseat to the parental dynamics in the Pym family, which actually works out pretty well in terms of screen time and story arc.

A standout return is Michael Peña as Luis, ex-con and current security salesman. As sweet and lovable as Luis is, Paul Rudd still steals the show as sarcastic dork Scott.

Overall I give this 9/10 for good classic Marvel action, some nice emotional family arcs, and Paul Rudd being a cinnamon roll. One point lost for a bit too much bro-humor.

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