Hozier-My Body Was Not Ready But My Spirit is Cleansed

Hello!!! Please enjoy part or all of this concert video from Friday September 21, also known as one of the best nights of my life to date. The screaming is all me.

So by this point y’all should know I am OBSESSED with the messy-poet-indie-blues icon named Andrew Hozier Byrne, goes by Hozier. And two nights ago, I attended his show at the Riviera Theater in Chicago with my awesome cousin D. I’m gonna do my best to analyze the various aspects of the show, but expect a few “fangirl keyboard smashes” 😊😊😊

The Riviera theater can hold about 2,500 people in the balcony and floor area, and it’s decorated elegantly but in a distressed fashion. I would compare it to the Guthrie and Varsity theaters in the Twin Cities by size and decor.

The opening band Hudson Taylor was a decent band, but I found them an odd paring with Hozier. Hudson Taylor is more folk-country and Hozier is more indie-blues. Hudson Taylor performed for about 30 minutes.

After HT, there was a rather long transition period-almost 45 minutes. That was one of the less enjoyable moments, but it was SO WORTH IT!!!!!! Hozier opened with his new hit “Nina Cried Power” and the crowd was instantly on fire. The Riviera is not as chaotic as a stadium but it is just as loud. Hozier played all but five of his released songs, and one as-yet-unreleased tune called “Move”. It’s a phenomenal upbeat love song that will definitely go on a playlist. (Yes I got the entire song on video, no I won’t share it. Music leaks are the equivalent of movie spoilers). The show closed with “Work Song”, the song in the attached video, also the one I am severely obsessed with. In between some other standouts were “To Be Alone” and “NFWMB”. All in all 11/10 for energy, presence, dope music, and a great concert partner. 100% going to his next show as soon as humanly possible!!!

Apparently true fans generate content for the fandom, so here’s two Hozier memes I made. These are less comic exaggeration and more an exact replica of me during the show. 😂

Oh look, other Hozier memes exist! Now where do I find the people who create these…..???? If anyone knows where to find the official fandom page, hit me up.


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