My September Playlist

Hey! I’m making an effort to reinvigorate the page while I adjust to living in Bethel’s dorm. I realized that I hardly ever mention music here, but it is one of my passions in life, more so than movies or books. I create a new “current hits” playlist about every two weeks, so I’ll start blogging about them!

    Selections from the Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again soundtrack-The whole soundtrack is great, but these four songs stand out as my favorites. I’ll address these in my upcoming comprehensive review of the film.

    “Crier tout bas”-I will confess I just found this song today, listening to it in the trailer for A Simple Favor. I will also confess that while I’ve had 12 years of Spanish, I don’t speak a word of French. Still, it has an upbeat tempo, but haunting vocals-an interesting and intriguing blend

    I’ll Be“- This song is older than I am (released in 1997), and it reminds me of when I was about 5. I used to think I was unique for wanting this as my wedding song, before I learned this was a cheesy 90s pop hit. I still want this one for my first dance though. 😊❤️

    Work Song“-This is one of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard. Hozier is an indie/R&B/rock artist who isn’t as mainstream as he deserves to be. Yes everyone knows “Take Me to Church” but real fans know many of his songs were much more deserving of popularity. This is a slow, tender, haunting melody that is unlike anything else. This is my #1 favorite song of all time and everyone should look it up on YouTube and then buy it.

    I Write Sins Not Tragedies“-So I’m about 10 years late to the Panic! At the Disco fandom, but I’m here now. This song is a verified ear worm, and it’s been in my head for days on end. It makes zero sense to me, but it is energetic yet simple .

    High Hopes“-This is the only other PATD song I know, and it’s a great motivational song. If “I Write Sins” is analogous to Miley Cyrus in 2013, “High Hopes” is like Hannah Montana.

    New Wine“-This latest Hillsong hit was first introduced to me in Bethel chapel. Like “High Hopes”, it’s motivational, but calmer, with a Christian twist.

    Tom’s Diner“-This one is from 1991 but was also popular around 2005. I’ve been on a real nostalgia kick over the last few weeks. This is the only Suzanne Vega song I know and like many of these, it’s calm and sweet. The lyrics show a simple and relatable slice of life.

    Last Request“-Another song that’s over 10 years old! As a child, Paolo Nutini’s voice tricked me into thinking the song was deep and poetic. Now I realize it’s a cheesy song about ‘one last time’. His voice is still so beautiful, similar to James Blunt.

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