Moonstruck-Everyone Cheats

I recently watched this 1987 classic and actually quite enjoyed it. Driven by Cher and Nicolas Cage (but carried by Cage entirely), the film tells the story of a woman complacent in life who comes to appreciate passion and joy through interesting circumstances. For once, there will be spoilers.

Let’s start with the casting choice. The producers cast Cher (at the time a 41-year old global pop icon) and Nicolas Cage (then a 23-year old semi-known actor) as the two romantic leads, and to my utter shock, they have amazing chemistry despite an 18-year age difference. A word on Cage: he is not “pretty” by aesthetic definition, but he is absolutely…. magnetizing in this role, similar to his turn in City of Angels. A large part of his appeal is due to his delivery of well-written monologues, but more is due to his raw emotion in this role. (Plus, he somehow makes flipping a table look good)

The movie’s supporting cast is rather weak, but a standout is Olympia Dukakis as Loretta’s (Cher) mother, dealing with age and her husband’s infidelity. (Her husband Cosmo is a snake 🐍). Another endearing supporting character is Cosmo’s father, simply named “Old Man”. His love of his 5 dogs and the moon is relatable and very endearing.

Overall I give this movie 10/10: 8 for Nicolas Cage, 1 for Cher, and 1 for Olympia Dukakis and the Old Man. (Seriously, Nic Cage was made for this role.) In conclusion, it’s a warm, funny, lovely movie and all hopeless romantics should watch it.

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