Deadpool 2: Marvel Gets Wasted and Introspective

If you took the zaniness of Guardians of the Galaxy, added more cuss words, and turned down the father issues, you’d get Deadpool 2. I skipped the first movie, but I caught up quickly. The title vigilante is a cross between “Weird Al” Yankovich and the basic “pervy uncle” trope.

The movie started out as expected, with a huge fight montage and a smartass narration. But eventually certain events transpire (spoiler-free review) and we see Wade’s pain. Sure, events cause him pain, but they also bring out the constant emotional pain just beneath that smug veneer. I was not expecting a comedic movie to bring out such emotion so early on. Eventually we meet Deadpool’s protege Russell, aka Firefist.

Firefist happens to be a survivor of physical and psychological abuse. I am not a part of the survivor community, but from my untrained eyes, I respected how Marvel handles his rage and pain, while keeping him a positive character. His redemption is never guaranteed, but our belief in him somehow never wavers.

Like many superheroes, Deadpool has a girlfriend. Her name is Vanessa and she’s played by Morena Baccarin. I appreciate how integral she is to the plot, but she doesn’t get to go through much character development. She simply shows up, gives some advice, and that’s it. There’s no real struggle for her.

Two standout side characters are Colossus and Teenage Negasonic Warhead. Colossus is a giant metallic man (basically if Iron Man was older and wiser and was actually made of iron). TNW can conjure fire/an electrical force field.

Overall I give it 8/10 for a complex hero, an equally interesting villain, and a hilarious post credits montage. Points lost for wasting Morena Baccarin and excessive gore.

2 thoughts on “Deadpool 2: Marvel Gets Wasted and Introspective

  1. Still need to see this….. have no idea how closely it follows the comics, but the girlfriend has a much lengthier and more complex part in the first movie….. ya, gore, kinda a Deadpool thing 😬


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