Timeless-An Intriguing Soap Opera

The basic plot is as follows: three scientists in a time-travel ship attempt to destroy the Glitterati. Of course there are government conspiracies and an overly manipulated romance, but the various historical eras are rather fascinating.

Let me back up. Timeless just finished its second season on NBC. There are indeed three scientists and a time travel ship, but the secret cabal is not called the Glitterati, it is called Rittenhouse. The three scientists are Lucy Preston, the Athena of the group, Wyatt the muscle, and Rufus, the comic relief. Wyatt and Lucy are the obvious endgame, but Wyatt’s “dead” wife complicates things in season 2. Rufus starts out as pure comedy, but as he falls for tech assistant Jiya, his role is expanded and he is the most emotional character in the show at one point.

One semi-main character named Garcia Flynn catches my attention. He’s played by Goran Visnjic. He’s billed as the “antihero” of the show which is fairly accurate, although he ends up firmly on the hero side by the end of season 2. I don’t know much about Goran, but he apparently was on ER and my mom seems to know who he is. I think he’s gorgeous and the show takes too long to acknowledge this. He gets a quasi-romantic subplot with Lucy, but it’s gone as soon as it appears.

The show is pretty formulaic-one of each character and overly manipulated romances-but what sets it apart from train-wrecks like Stitchers is the variety of eras. Every episodes sees a new historical problem to solve, and a new era. While the main 3 are great characters, the cinematography, setting, and costumes usually steal the show.

In addition to the settings and costumes, many actors guest star as key historical figures and do their jobs excellently. One recent standout guest character was Harriet Tubman, portrayed by Christine Horn. She is shown with all of her grit, mysticism, and mercy. Another standout is Kamahl Naiqui’s portrayal of Don Johnson, the “King of the Delta Blues”.

Overall I give it 9/10 for strong leads, interesting cinematography and representation. Point lost because sometimes it goes off the rails

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