Avengers: Infinity War

Hello! I realize this post is at an alternate time, but I just saw Infinity War and…. “i-wha-who–wha-woahwoahwoah-NO!!!! What the fuck is happening/just happened??” That’s my live reaction when the credits rolled. This review will be more vague than usual to avoid spoilers. This movie is clearly the placeholder, setting up for “Untitled Avengers 4”, the grand finale. But it gets a decent amount done in two hours and 29 minutes. One of the best things about this movie is the cross-teamwork, the Guardians working with Stark and Strange being a prime example. Unlike some Marvel villains, Thanos has both the power and persona necessary to be worthy of such a big movie. His end goal is to acquire all six magical Infinity Stones and destroy half the universe, and Josh Brolin sinks his teeth into the role. Those are the only good things I can say without spoiling it, along with the geographical span of the movie. Oh, I was also pleased that Stan Lee made his required cameo early and assuaged everyone’s curiosity. However, the ending seems to come out of left field and leaves the viewer quite unsatisfied. Being the ending, it can also leave a bad impression on the viewer. Overall I give this movie 7/10 for lovable characters and emotion, an appropriate amount of humor, and the aforementioned cross-teamwork. I take off a full 3 points for the end, I hated it that much. Watch at your own risk.

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