Captain America Trilogy-A Perfect Man

*Note: this post is written by a hardcore Stucky shipper, so brave for fangirling. **additional note; “Hydra Cap” is complete and utter BS. That is all I have to say regarding the comics. :

Captain America: The First Avenger

The scene opens around 1941, with a tiny asthmatic ruby named Steve trying to get into the Army. Eventually he is given the serum that turns him into gorgeous specimen Captain America. The best thing is that the movie retains his humble, duty-oriented character in the midst of a huge transformation. Steve is chaperoned through the army by Peggy Carter, who should really just run the world at this point. They have some cute flirtation, but nothing much happens. The scene where Steve flies into the ocean is utterly heartbreaking…..

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This stellar sequel focuses on Steve’s mission in the present day to take down “the Winter Soldier”, the deadly hit man who murders leader Nick Fury. Of course there are some shocking twists (one particular scene on a bridge comes to mind) and his childhood best friend Bucky Barnes shows up again. There’s some interesting power dynamics between Steve and Fury and Fury and villain Alexander Pierce, but overall this is not my favorite of the trilogy. Peggy Carter shows up, but she’s about 100 years old, and it’s a rather heartbreaking scene.

Captain America: Civil War

The grand finale of the trilogy isn’t actually all that grand. The whole plot of the movie depends on the bridge scene from Winter Soldier, so I can’t say much. 😊 This is my favorite only because Bucky Barnes has the most screen time. Basically what I can say is that Steve and Tony (Iron Man) butt heads over whether or not to follow a new law, and the rest of the team picks sides. Oh, and Peggy Carter’s niece kisses Steve, entirely uncalled for!

One of the standouts of movies 2 and 3 is Sam Wilson, also called Falcon. He’s mainly there for comic relief, but his heavy backstory adds depth and makes him a worthy addition to the team.

Overall Captain America is a fantastic series, a nice introduction to the MCU, and the character is easily the most moral of all the Avengers.

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