Shark Tank-Educational Entertainment

Many aspire to be world-changing entrepreneurs, but few get the aid of moguls like Barbra Cochran, Lori Greiner or Mark Cuban. Enter Shark Tank, a unique show where up-and-coming executives pitch their ideas to these stellar magnates to win financial and educational aid. As the daughter of a business owner, I’ve learned to watch and analyze each contestant. One of the less enjoyable features of the show is Kevin O’Leary, nicknamed Mr. Wonderful of all things. He fills the role on Shark Tank that Simon Cowell filled on American Idol of the brutally honest and somewhat caustic judge. However O’Leary compliments far less than Cowell, and goes for cheap personal insults a bit more. Aside from that, two charming standouts are Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, both experienced and compassionate entrepreneurs who offer wonderful advice whether or not they take up the client. Overall it’s a great show for those interested in business and entrepreneurship. 9/10 for making real impact, being educational, and having educated and objective judges. One point deficit because “Mr. Wonderful” is a thorn in the side of the show and the viewers.

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