I Capture the Castle-A Forgotten Gem

Hello! Instead of actually finishing one of my nine drafts, I figured I would write an entirely new post, because why follow through on a project? 😂 To be fair, this is a wonderful book and deserves some honor. It was originally written in 1948 by Dodie Smith, who also wrote 101 Dalmatians. I Capture the Castle centers on sisters Rose and Cassandra and their quest to improve the family status through marriage While I have not yet read any Jane Austen works, this story seems to me like a modern Pride and Prejudice based on what I’ve heard of it. There is lots of romantic entanglement, a zany father, and a sweet farmhand too. Recommended for anyone who loves rom-coms  and/or soap operas. 9/10 for intriguing characters, lovely setting, and a precocious protagonist. One point lost for occasional excess drama.

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