Elementary-Modern Deduction


The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are well-known to the world, but “Elementary” puts a modern spin on these complex tales. The familiar deduction wizard, portrayed perfectly by Jonny Lee Miller, is a recovering drug addict relocated to New York. Joan Watson portrays a fresh take on his trusted partner, as well as his addiction counselor. A hardworking NYPD captain and a loyal colleague detective round out the principle cast. The show balances heart, humor, and challenging mental and ethical puzzles. The show tactfully addresses Sherlock’s addiction without exploiting its dramatic value; rather it adds complexity and depth. In point of fact, one of the strengths of the show is the complexity, depth, and many relatable facets of each brilliant character. 9/10 for complex characters, engaging logic puzzles and ethical dilemmas, and wonderful multi-episode arcs. One point deducted for occasionally excessive gore. I wouldn’t recommend this show to anyone under age 15, bur adults will enjoy it immensely.

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