Wonder Woman-The Perfect Movie

Oh my….wow. OK so I recently saw this movie and it is officially my current favorite superhero movie of all time. The fact that it’s not Marvel makes me a little annoyed, but I can work with it. Where do I start? Let’s start with her upbringing. Diana was brought up as the princess of the Amazons, and she had no contact with men until she was about 25 or so. Her lack of knowledge of the rest of the world allows us to see our own everyday realities from a fresh perspective. Her companion Steve Trevor (played by the ever-lovely Chris Pine) is a true American hero, without once seeming contrived or stereotypical. The typical comic book archetype of a villain is turned on its head and viewers are left reeling in shock. And Diana’s kick-ass tribe of Amazonian ladies outdoes any and all modern “squads”. The best part of the movie is that Diana is allowed to be a strong and independent woman, regardless of the patriarchal society around her. Overall a strong action film for anyone who’s a comic nerd. Even if you don’t like action movies, this movie is a watershed moment in film, so go see it and bring as many people as you can.

4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman-The Perfect Movie

  1. Ok. I cannot wait to see this movie! And, yes, I wondered if you would “love” a non-marvel superhero 😂😂
    I have always loved strong women, both real and fictional, from my own mother and aunt I ( your grandmother) to fictional (such as Diana)—some of my greatest suoerheros (your mom you included 😘)
    Your review makes me want to take a sick day to see it sooner (and including Chris Pine is icing)

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