20th Century Women-It Takes a Village

I’m sorry for not posting on Wednesday and Friday. I’ll post a bonus review tomorrow and Thursday.

This brilliant movie set in 1979 but filmed in 2016 tells the story of a mother, a son, and the family they adopt. The team of five misfits all learn from each other in endearing and thoughtful ways. Annette Bening gives lonely single mother Dorothea a wonderful mix of grit and fear that causes her to enlist Abbie (Greta Gerwig) and Julie (Elle Fanning) to teach her son Jacob (newcomer Lucas Jade Zumann) about life. Abbie is a free spirit, as bold and gentle as her crimson pixie hair. Julie is a…strange and complex character. Her intent is to be a likable romantic lead, but she is manipulative and highly insecure. And Jacob is a lost 15-year old who initially rejects the help of his mother and new firiends, but eventually warms to them. There is a strong feminist/liberal theme throughout the movie which may put off some viewers, but the lessons about life, love, and the era are well-done and thought-provoking. 9/10 for well-developed characters, a peek into a unique time period, and a relatable young protagonist. A point lost for overdoing the liberal themes to an unnecessary degree.  

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