Collateral Beauty

Ignore the horrible reviews. This movie is fantastic if you’re willing to put some thought into it. The modern retelling of the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” takes us on Howard’s journey (poignantly portrayed by Will Smith) from grief-stricken zombie to healing father. This journey is guided by three abstractions,  Love (Keira Knightly), Death (Helen Mirren), and Time (Jacob Latimore)  in human form. They feign relinquishing control to Howard’s coworkers Claire (Kate Winslet), Whit (Edward Norton), and Scott (Michael Pena), who they also aid through personal heartache. While Smith gives a heart-wrenching performance as a man struggling to find love and life again, Pena’s performance as a sick man denying the inevitable also stands out beautifully. But the best storyline in the film is Howard’s discovery of love. 10/10 for stellar cast, thoughtful exploration of human relationships,  and a beautiful reveal at the end. 

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