Stitchers-Dumb Detectives

Stitchers is a teen crime drama that only works as a comedy. The premise centers on using the “stitching” technology-inserting a living consciousness into the memories of the dead-to solve crimes. That might sound macabre, but it’s more sci-fi than horror. The protagonist Kirsten Clark is pretty much a sociopath, which is a great cover for her lack of acting ability.  The two lead males are Labradors in human form, and the inevitable romance between Kristen and Cameron is overly manipulated solely for ratings. The only bright spots are Camille, Kristen’s witty sidekick, and Maggie, the team leader who uses attitude for armor against her secrets. Similar to Alias, there’s more to the mission than meets the eye, although the specifics are fuzzy. The writers are fond of dangling clues and subplots and then not bringing them up again for weeks. 4/10 for an original angle, an interesting possible arc, and a few good laughs. Watch at your own risk.

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