Ode to Eliza Pinckney

**I would have posted this last night, but technology is finicky.. Enjoy! 

Eliza Lucas Pinckney was a new type of woman

For her male oriented era
With a brain that worked and good common sense
She was born in 1722
On the island Antigua, surrounded by ocean blue
Her dad was a colonel and her mom was ill
When the family moved from Antigua to South Carolina
South Carolina did prove to be finer
Mother got well and father was swell
On his plantation
Back to Antigua Dad was soon called again
To help with the fight in the war against Spain
Although the young lady was but 16
He left young Eliza in charge of the land
 The results of this choice turned out to be grand
Eliza was into experimentation
And her planting experiments affected the nation
She taught farm workers to read
And practiced the law
But her indigo experiments were most famous of all
Indigo was a dye used in fancy clothes
Exported to the British, it was demanded in droves
Colonel dad found a husband for young Eliza
But she refused, and she turnedout to be wiser
She married a 45-year old when she was 22
But age is just a number-comprende vous?
They had a girl and three sons, but one son died
The other two were war generals
And earned much pride
The family traveled to England for about five years
But malaria took Charles
Shortly after return
Charles had seven plantations
Eliza had three
Upon his death, Eliza had ten
But Eliza handled it with drive and grace
Continuing her indigo production
At an accelerated pace
Eliza lived until 1793
But her life is far outlasted by her legacy

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