Moana-Follow Your Destiny

So I finally joined the bandwagon and watched the movie. The grandma is hilarious and wise. Maui is a hilarious, complex, heartfelt character. Moana’s relationship with her grandmother brings some tears to my eyes, as I had a similar special connection with my own grandmother. The magical scene with the spirits of her grandmother and other voyagers was beautiful. The unexpected reveal about the villian raises thoughtful questions about how circumstances change someone. I admire the movie for giving Moana a position of power, while keeping her realistic and naive. She was also unburdened by unnecessary relationships, and I admire that. Overall, a quality movie that shows a young admirable role model. 10/10 for likable characters, an actually unexpected twist, and a killer score. I just regret waiting so long. 

One thought on “Moana-Follow Your Destiny

  1. One of my faves that I took all the girls to. Listen to the CD in our car and now own the Movie so we can learn everything that went into the making of it. Including the fact that we love Hamilton and the author of many of the songs from Moana was written by him and he sings too so it just was another great connection.

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