Instagram: Filters Needed

So I guess this blog might have some social commentary too. Ok then. I’m an American teenage girl, and I use many forms of social media (including Instagram) on a daily basis. And while I admire the many virtues of Instagram, there are a few things I take issue with. First off is fan accounts. I confess that I am a bit of a hypocrite for taking issue with this since there are a few fan accounts I follow. But I only follow them, and see posts on occasion. I have celebrities I greatly admire, but I can’t imagine centering my social media presence around someone I don’t even know. The second thing that annoys me is the obsession with large amounts of followers. There are accounts with names like “2kby2k17” and bios with only “follow for follow” or a goal number of followers. My query is what do all these numbers and profiles add up to? Out of 2000 accounts, how many of them are people you know? Do you call any of them when you’re in crisis? Is there a way that massive amounts of followers translates to practical life opportunities? I think very rarely. While Instagram has many virtues, these are things to ponder. 

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